I still remember that afternoon when the sun was out there, blistering with all its might. I was 10 years old and celebrating the summer vacation with my younger brother. Both my brother and I had kept our fingers crossed for it to rain and it was as if God was being extremely kind to us. It rained fish! My mother came hurrying outside and called us in. ‘Come fast, come quick”, she said and I looked at my brother knowing that this would be the end to the play time.

As we stepped in, she asked us to change our clothes and within a few minutes, she smiled in glee. In her hands was the plate of hot pakodas and my favourite chocolate milk shake was waiting on the table too! I couldn’t express how happy I was and I can’t really comment what made me happy enough – my mother’s efforts or the hot pakodas! Immediately my brother and I pounced on the plate and ate to our heart’s content. And to our surprise, after we were done, my mother gave us rough papers to make paper boats and the three of us sailed those paper boats in the back yard of our house.

I think my brother and I were very lucky to have her and get to know her impeccable human perceptive ability. My mother knew when to use the rod and spare the child. At the same time, she knew when it was time to pull the trigger.

My childhood was remarkably fun-loving. My mother guided me, taught me, let me experiment and learn. She was a wonderful teacher. These days she is retired and plays ‘nanny’ to each of her 4 grandchildren. She loves going for long walks, and she used to comment in her early days that walking was something she would in her later life. So she has kind of stuck to her words. And she has this oomph factor about her. She can walk alone in the park and eventually you will see some company by her side. No bombast, no pomp, and sheer circumstance – just pure substance.

Since early childhood, when the concept of humanity was still alien to me, I knew that my mother was an exceptional human being. Of course, she is my mother and I can be bias about my opinion, but I could feel that outsiders would also see this quality in her. Firstly, she is brilliant. One moment, she can tell you one of her kitchen secrets and the other instance she would be there cheering her favourite IPL team. Now, isn’t that a supermom kind of thing?

Mom is ever forgiving. She loves pro-actively and unconditionally. That’s a rare thing. Only moms can do that. She doesn’t just preach love, respect and admiration, rather she embodies it.

Lately one of her exceptional personality traits has shined out even brighter. With Dad being sick and in bed most of the time, mom plays an exceptionally fine nurse. Mom is up most nights tending to my father. Waking up early in the morning before everyone and then staying up late at night to ensure dad’s health and comfort – how can she do that, is beyond my understanding. I think, me in her shoes, to do that would need some real spiritual powers.

Even after all this, she never complains. Ever.

She is an unwavering pillar of strength and loyalty. She is the family soldier, taking on the burden of the entire troop. Mom is pure love and my hero. She teaches by example, guides by love and inspires everyone who comes her way.

So this Mother’s Day, I honour you Mom. Thank you for being my mother!

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