AWAG’s vision is to assert the individuality of woman and to support her in her struggle for survival, to get social justice, and to assert equality.

AWAG strives to assert the individuality of women to make them aware that they are equal to men in all aspects of life.  Women are supported to get social justice in their struggle to survive and develop as equal human beings.  AWAG considers raising awareness as the first step towards empowerment; income generation can only be the second.  A woman’s right to her body, her duty towards keeping it in health and avoiding blind faith are considered equally important. The habit of savings is promoted. Thus AWAG has holistic approach towards women’s empowerment wherein women’s rights are seen as human rights.

The goal of the organization is to empower women through assertion of their individuality, to strategize towards survival, to get social justice and equality.


  • To raise the image of women in society
  • To protest against elements in society which demean the image of women
  • To establish women’s equal status in society
  • To contribute to women’s participation in the development of the country
  • To support the rights of women to live with dignity and to support their welfare, education etc.
  • To work for the economic betterment of poor women by encouraging and promoting associations and co-operative societies to provide financial support.
  • To work towards education, health, and welfare of children and adolescents.