Did you know that in India out of the 58.5 million entrepreneurs, women constitute only 13.76% which accounts to roughly 8.05 million! In turn, these female entrepreneurs provide employment to other 13.45 million people.

The responsibility of Indian women to the economy is constantly addressed; anyway their pledge to the National economy is under evaluated. To change the budgetary status and fulfil day-to-day demands of their family, more and more number of women are driving themselves to the market as business women.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in India is changing due to several factors. Overall changing perceptions of women entrepreneurship, better access to education, increasing social acceptance of women entrepreneurship, better infrastructure, especially in technology and better access to finances have played a tremendous role in market dynamism.

To energize the business atmosphere in India more help from the administration, society and financial institution is required to support and motivate women entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey or to setup their new enterprises.

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (FICCL) has taken a remarkable step to promote and support women entrepreneurial culture in India. In this regard Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (FICCL) has supported Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group (AWAG) to implement the “SHEudyami” project. This is one of the initiatives of SCORE Livelihood Foundation (SCORE) to create women entrepreneurs through building their technical & entrepreneurial skills followed by market linkages.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SHEudyami will enhance the financial development of society, create new employment opportunities for women and will work as a catalyst for the financial prosperity of their family leading to diminishing their financial hardships.

The main objective of the project is to create women entrepreneurs by building their technical & entrepreneurial skills followed by market linkages. The project focuses on literate/semi-literate women aged between 18 to 35 years who have already undergone through the basics of the technical training and also women who are willing to become an entrepreneur and sustain their livelihood.


AWAG (Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group) along with its technical partner, SCORE Livelihood Foundation (SCORE) is implementing this project in Madhubani & Darbhanga districts of Bihar and Ahmedabad district of Gujarat.

Development, Empowerment

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