AWAG’s 3 Focus Areas to Support for:

Domestic Violence


AWAG provides holistic support to women affected by domestic violence by providing counselling services, legal assistance and periodic awareness workshops.

  • Awareness workshops – AWAG conducts folk-shows, rallies, exhibitions and meetings which are attended by approximately 5000 women per annum.
  • Counselling service – AWAG runs busy counselling centres in Ahmedabad, Patan, Radhanpur and Rapar. A total number of 384 cases were handled in the year 2014-15.
  • Legal support – AWAG runs two legal aid centers in Ahmedabad as well as in Rapar, Radhanpur and Patan. 83 victims were provided legal assistance in the year 2014-15.
  • Short stay homes – On an average, 20-30 access this facility annually that provide shelter to women in distress.

Women’s Health


AWAG believes in integration of physical and mental well-being as part of women empowerment. Therefore, it has initiated two projects –

  • Mental Health Project for Adolescents –The project involves counselling of adolescents in schools in Ahmedabad and has currently reached out to 4,300 students.
  • ‘Menstrual Health and Sanitation Project’ – aims to create awareness on personal hygiene amongst rural women of 56 villages in Gujarat. Currently in Phase I of the project.

Livelihood | Employment Training Skills


AWAG recognizes the importance of making women financially stable. Hence, the organization has introduced the following projects –

  • Textile training – Women receive intensive training in areas of tailoring, handicrafts, stitching as well as retail at the Bapunagar branch of AWAG, giving them an opportunity to gain access to jobs in the textile market.
  • Entrepreneurial training to young women in rural area – In collaboration with the health and hygiene project, young women in rural areas are given entrepreneurial training for marketing of affordable sanitary napkins and other hygiene products.
  • Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Program – 100 women has been benefited from this scheme currently in partnership with British council.