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The issue of women’s health is linked to the issue of women atrocities. This is so because in the Indian society there is utter disregard towards women’s health and wellbeing. Malnutrition, frequent childbirth and high morbidity depict the health status of women. In addition to lack of proper medical care due to poor financial conditions and the apathetic attitude of the family, women have to rely on home cures. All these are forms of indirect violence inflicted on women.


The poor health condition of women portrays their subordinate status in society. Women have internalized their subordinate status as a result of which they lack self-respect and are known to disregard and ignore their own health.


Moreover, the physical and mental health of women who have fallen prey to domestic violence is perpetually feeble. In course of the awareness raising programmes for women, AWAG constantly emphasizes on women’s rights over their bodies and to oppose violence inflicted on them. AWAG has linked the issue of women’s atrocities with their health issue. Therefore, the organisation’s outlook on women’s health includes – physical health and mental health for adolescents and women.


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