I'm Broken, I'm Better

At some point of time in life, each one of us (and more as women) has faced the music. Be it a relationship in turmoil or a financial blow, life has this funny way of hitting at us at one of the most unexpected times. And those are the moments when you’d want to find a hole in a burrow or hibernate or wish that none of it had ever happened.

But what if someone tells you that in those saddest of moments all you should do is let yourself loose, let your inner self cry and not pretend that you are whole and brave and benevolent. What if at those broken moments, you lie on your bedroom floor, your heart into a dozen pieces and give yourself into nothingness?

God has given women an extreme power to motivate humanity. And to plainly put, women are powerful. They are strong and capable to be whole despite being shattered (probably a zillion times).

In Sanskrit, ‘Ishvari’ means Goddess or Female Power. And according to the Hindu mythology, Goddess Akhilanda essentially means ‘the never not broken’. This devi, derives her strength from being broken. She rides on a crocodile and hits the water, refusing to reject her fear and at the same time, she doesn’t let them control her. Rather, she takes her fears down into the water and uses its power to navigate the waves. In its own way, Akhilanda shows us that doing this is beautiful. It makes you, YOU again.

Akin to Akhilanda, in pieces, on a pile on the floor, lying directionless, when your future looks nothing but a blurry screen – that’s the time when you are the most powerful. You are in flux, you are changing, you are flowing in a new powerful wave and that makes an incredible opportunity to become new again.

But it’s important to remember that the ‘new form’ is also an illusion. The newness doesn’t mean anything if you cannot keep breaking and pulling yourself together again.

So you see, just like Akhilanda, we are never not broken. We are never consistent or whole. We are broken and in its own way, we are better.


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