AWAG has been active on the issues of violence against women since 1981. And over the years, we have faced one question that leaves us wondering, ‘Are people so ignorant about the on-going crimes against women!’

‘Oh common, do you really think that women are undergoing any sort of violence.’ ‘There are so many laws in favour of women in India today that protect them and women are misusing them to some extent.’ ‘It is the males that need protection because of the increasing exploitation.’ These and many more are the sort of comments that we come across time and again.

No hard feelings to men in general, but the fact is that yes even after reforming laws, even after so much of awareness and education and forward-thinking, violence against women remains a serious concern.

National Crime Record Bureau of India, reports that crime against women in the country has increased 6.4% during 2012 and violence is committed every three minutes. However, over the years the definition of violence has changed.

As most people believe that a physical assault is the only form of violence is not true. Psychological torture, sexual violence, mental torture – all these are considered as forms of violence and need to be addressed for a woman’s wellbeing and in turn her family’s.

Smita, aged 37, came to AWAG’s counselling centre. The woman complained that until a few years ago her relationship with her husband was fairly well. But since a couple of years, he had been forcing her to earn money through surrogacy. Because of her husband’s pressure, Smita became a surrogate mother 3 times. After a certain while, her husband got all the more ambitious and forced Smita to sell her ovas. The woman obliged to her husband’s wishes as many times as she could. But when she was not able to do so and her body couldn’t take it any longer, she refused. Upon refusal Smita faced physical violence and mental torture by her husband. Her case is currently on-going and Smita seeks psychological counselling from the organisation.

Now wouldn’t you call that violence? So, what can be done? It’s time to ACT because ONE CALL CAN SET YOU FREE.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri -TBZ, a name in signature jewellery, has shown its concern for issues related to violence against women. Under the project name PANKHI, AWAG hopes to comfort and solve issues of hundreds of women like Smita who have been victimised with some sort of violence. As part of the corporate social responsibility, AWAG and TBZ will be effective to bring a significant improvement in the said cause. Through Project Pankhi’s Helpline (A project for on phone counselling) AWAG has been effective in handling 175 cases since November 2017.

The project also offers spreading awareness and promotion of Pankhi Helpline, gender violence and gender equality through workshops and meetings at the community, school and ICDS levels through its outreach programmes.



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