Raising Awareness

We consider the raising of awareness to be the first step towards empowerment. A woman’s right to her body, her duty towards keeping it in good health and avoiding superstitions are considered equally important.

We run workshops approximately 10-12 times a year. These are usually attended by 35-40 women between 18-45 years old. In the urban areas, the majority of women are victims of domestic violence and have been selected from those already attending our counselling sessions. Here we discuss health and social issues. Our target groups are Dalit and Muslim women.

In the rural areas, the workshops have a different emphasis. They are aimed at spreading news through the villages by word of mouth and cover general social and health issues. In particular, we make people aware of the forces which hold women back.

We are using the workshops for therapeutic purposes and to instil self-confidence. Participants are given confidence and moral support, so that they can challenge unfair treatment themselves.