As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, a lot of companies are investing their time, money and most importantly their interest in the betterment of society. And on a brighter note, this has made the common masses more aware and sensitised about the need for bringing and encouraging such projects for community development. As per the Companies Act, 2013 all companies are required to spend at least 2% of the average net profits on CSR. Be it a campaign towards gender equality, or child marriage or animal protection, CSR activities have over the years contributed a great deal in the so-called, ‘social cause’.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Activities under CSR by firms in Gujarat seem to have increased as companies from the state have increased their financial CSR spending in the year 2015-16. Gujarat ranks third after Maharashtra and Delhi in CSR spending. Moreover, Gujarat based companies prefer spending the CSR funds on health and education programmes. These two sectors account for around 90% of the total amount spent on CSR. Skill development, environment sustainability, rural infrastructure and renewable energy are other sectors that corporate companies should focus.

Very recently, AWAG has joined hands with L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering to work for community development in two villages in Vadodara district, Gujarat. The need of the project is to develop both of these villages in terms of access to better education and technological facilities, availability of proper play areas and sports equipment, skill development trainings, health awareness training etc.


Ropa and Mastupura villages in Vadodara district have been adopted by the company as part of their CSR initiative with AWAG. Under this project, there is a hope that children will be provided better education and refreshment opportunities, the youth will have more access to technology and other skill-sets, there will be more awareness about health and general hygiene and women will be more empowered.


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