Excuse us, doubting Thomases! But you’re absolutely wrong if you think that women can’t scale mountains, they’re too feeble to wrestle in the ring or to endure the strain of a physical hardship.

With women’s day just gone, where the day was celebrated to respect womanhood, it’s once again the time to show your calibre to anyone and everyone who think that we as women lack the physical fitness that define manhood.


The conditioning that ‘you’ as female are not equally at par begins so early! It starts right from the time we are offered a helping hand for the cookie jar to when we are said that lifting heavy weight is not our cup of tea. It begins when the sports teacher at school bypasses a promising girl player or when boys refer to count us in for a hiking plan. So you see, that feeling of being pointed as physically less fit is instilled right from the beginning.

Now food for thought? How is it that we witness sports women like Mary Kom packing a punch in the arena or how do you think PT Usha made that run? Moreover, how is it that celebs like Jacqueline Fernandez or Deepika Padukone swear by their fitness regime and are known to train for longer hours than their male counterparts?

Alright, now look beyond these superwomen and the celebs around you. Continuously, you’ll find women storming into male bastions, physically challenging professions and coming out successful. This confidence in you comes with taking care of yourself, being cognizant of the fact that we are humans and we deserve everything under the sun.

So this is where we stand together and cheer one another: Here’s to all those elegant and beautiful women out there! May you continue to shine out!




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